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About me

I GUESS you could just get a regular copywriter, if you're into regular boring stuff.


Me, I think being regular is only for your butt. We're creatives, we're here to be extra. So I'm an extra kind of copywriter. Of course I can write copy and concept your face off, but just like a box of Lucky Charms with like ten rad prizes inside, I have extra bonus skills!:

-Proofreading/copy editing

-Acting (believe it or not, agencies have utilized this skill, you're welcome to those agencies)
-Conversational French and Spanish (have used this skill exactly twice)
-Styling, like the fashion kind for shoots (have used this skill exactly once and it was fabulous)

I have a weird sense of humor and I obviously have already said the word "butt" on my professional website, but I am a legitimate smart person, and very likely the most efficient and out-of-the-box copywriter you will ever meet. My nontraditional experience lends itself to big-ass nontraditional ideas for your clients and I love that for you.

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