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About me

I GUESS you could just get a regular copywriter, if you're into regular boring stuff.


Me, I think being regular is only for your butt. We're creatives, we're here to be extra. So I'm an extra kind of copywriter. Of course I can write copy and concept your face off, but just like a box of Lucky Charms with like ten rad prizes inside, I have extra bonus skills!:

-Proofreading/copy editing
-Strategy (Content, social, marketing, brand, etc)
-Research (if you are concerned because I haven't worked in a certain category before, I promise I will become an absolutely insufferable expert on the subject in a matter of hours. Hyperfocusing is my specialty, I have a photographic memory—no one is a bigger nerd. Trust.)
-Illustration/Art (also have received professional training on Midjourney/AI prompting)


-Acting (believe it or not, agencies have utilized this skill, you're welcome to those agencies)
-Conversational French and Spanish (I admit it doesn't come in handy very often, but when it does, it's usually an emergency! What if you didn't have my French help in an EMERGENCY??!!)
-Styling, like the fashion kind for shoots (have used this skill exactly once and it was fabulous)


I have a weird sense of humor and I obviously have already said the word "butt" on my professional website, but I am a legitimate smart person, and very likely the most efficient and out-of-the-box copywriter you will ever meet. My nontraditional experience lends itself to big-ass nontraditional ideas for your clients and I love that for you.

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