Videoshop "easy"


This spot was originally a standalone piece for the video editing app, Videoshop. I was working on some taglines and banners for the app at the same time and really wanted to tie the campaigns together and unify the branding, and the CEO kept emphasizing that he wanted consumers to know how easy the app was to use, so I stuck to the line "make it look so easy." The director/editor thought it would be cool if we had a bunch of disco skaters on the shoot, so I wrote up a retro cable access show concept juxtaposing difficult, complicated skate moves being filmed and edited on the easy-to-use Videoshop app. It was a bit of a challenge because the shoot and edit happened across the country and I couldn't be there, but it was a fun concept with wonderful people working on it!

Provenance hotels
"Last ditch road trip"

during covid, my client, provenance hotels, wanted to do a road trip campaign, since road travel is safer than air travel when considering disease spread, so i wrote up this script that evokes memories of childhood road-bound vacations. Covid-19 also brought up production concerns, so we served so my cd and i cast our (covid-bubble) friends and family in the spot. Fortunately, we have very good-looking and talented friends and family.



T-Mobile needed a national broadcast spot to promote their #hatsoff4heroes military donation social activation, to run in the days leading up to the t-mobile-sponsored home run derby. the budget was smaller than a usual t-mobile tv spot due to the brief run of the ad, and the tone needed to be far more serious, because we were to court donations for veterans. 

as copywriter, i contributed to concepting and dialogue.


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I'm Jenny and I'm a copywriter who can for reals write.

That's a bonus of working as a copy editor for years. I know how to properly use a semicolon, and when to (very rarely) use the passive voice.


But more importantly, I know what makes great creative, and the idea absolutely transcends the writing, although truly great writing can elevate a project to new heights. I'm a firm believer that, in this era of Insta-influencers and pay-to-skip-commercials and journalism-is-dead, any ad must first and foremost be entertainment. And that is my favorite thing to write—entertaining, preferably weird stuff that makes people stop scrolling and go, "Wait, I wanna watch this, I'm not ready to get off the toilet yet."

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