T-Mobile Radio—"Heroes" - Publicis Seattle, June 27th, 2018
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t-mobile asked us to create a radio spot to promote their #hatsoff4heroes social activation. we wanted to include bryce harper of the nationals, as he is the face and representative of t-mobile mlb.

bryce did a great job on the record, and the tweet and shutter sounds are intended to give the feeling of great numbers of social users posting and sharing, while adding aural texture to the spot.


Lee Keene

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I'm Jenny and I'm a copywriter who can for reals write.

That's a bonus of working as a copy editor for years. I know how to properly use a semicolon, and when to (very rarely) use the passive voice.


But more importantly, I know what makes great creative, and the idea absolutely transcends the writing, although truly great writing can elevate a project to new heights. I'm a firm believer that, in this era of Insta-influencers and pay-to-skip-commercials and journalism-is-dead, any ad must first and foremost be entertainment. And that is my favorite thing to write—entertaining, preferably weird stuff that makes people stop scrolling and go, "Wait, I wanna watch this, I'm not ready to get off the toilet yet."

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