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Provenance Hotels

I am a conceptual copywriter, an ideas person! HOWEVER. I am, like, a really good writer. I freelanced for Provenance Hotels (a boutique hotel chain with hotels all over the country) for a number of months at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and during that time I wrote everything for them, from web content and copy, blogs, organic and paid social, emails, banner and trade ads, menus, the voice of the virtual concierge chatbot, a description for a every single room offering, even the social distancing decals and "one person per elevator" posters inside the hotels.

From the dark, lonely confines of quarantine and my unwashed sweatpants, I researched cheerful restaurants and memorable things to do and wrote listicles in great detail, advising people on the best places to go in Boston, New Orleans, and Nashville, all places I have never, ever been. I described exactly how luxurious it would feel to sip champagne and gaze upon your majestic view while taking a hot bath in the spacious tub using the uniquely fragrant soaps, the cold bubbles and orange-ylang ylang tickling your nose as you melt into the steaming water—gonna build a whole International-Coffee-celebrate-the-moments moment for you. Like the greats before me, who probably changed out of their sweatpants more often, I used research, imagination, and skill to immerse my reader in my vision.

I have come up with some very cool ideas for engaging activations, things that would move the needle and make people talk. But the stuff I did here, this was me being a writer


I wrote a lot of blogs in my time with Provenance, but this one is my very favorite. It's not about a place I've never been, it's actually on one of the Portland hotels, but I wrote it about a historically significant Black artist and I was really proud of it!


Okay, but Dollywood. Here is a blog about an epic road trip you should take through a bunch of states I've never been to. I believe my recommendations are rock solid, pun intended. And a testament to my unparalleled (rock star?) research skills.

Bedside Lamp
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