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Interface Rising Signs

Interface is the world's biggest and most elite commercial flooring company. My partner and I were tasked with creating a brand identity, language systems, look and feel, and campaign package for their new carpet tile product, Rising Signs, which was to debut at the 2021 NeoCon, the most important lifestyle design trade show in the US. Working off of some of the design elements (organic colors) and inspiration for (hanging out on the fire escape connecting with friends) the carpets themselves, we came up with a concept based on angular, linear, soaring manmade structures like staircases and bridges and the way they connect people to soft, exuberant nature, just like the way each carpet tile can easily and interchangeably connect to another. The lines are paths to signs of positivity and progress—just like Interface is leading the way in using eco-friendly materials.

Pink Stairway
Pink Stairway

Intro Video

This was sort of a hype video that was meant to play at NeoCon, across social channels, and on the Interface website. My partner and I were responsible for the video's concept, script, and look and feel, and the agency's in-house production company was responsible for the animation. We wanted Kari to use her own words, but I had an idea of what I wanted her to say, so I gave her very detailed, pointed, and specific questions, and fortunately I had a lot of background on her inspiration for the work because I'd seen her speak before.

ec_am-risingsignsviewbookpdf (1)_Page_03.jpg


This is a selection of pages from the book salespeople share with clients to introduce the new Rising Signs product. It includes the logo, tagline, and a version of the manifesto.

ec_am-risingsignsviewbookpdf (1)_Page_03.jpg
ec_am-risingsignsviewbookpdf (1)_Page_02.jpg
ec_am-risingsignsviewbookpdf (1)_Page_04.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-05-26 at 2.34.53 PM.png


We created an entire language system for Interface and partners to use whenever they needed to create deliverables for Rising Signs, across product packaging, social, print, web, etc. It needed to be pretty easy to use and expand upon, since Interface has a global reach. Here's an example of the very first social post pulled from the language rubric. (Sorry it got cut off a little, but you should go to their Instagram and look at all of them!)

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