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Videoshop Easy

Videoshop is one of the top video editing apps, and it's extremely easy to use! I was tasked with creating a small campaign that conveys this message. Users already know it has a ton of functions and they can edit their videos in lots of different and amazing ways, but what sets it apart from other editing apps is that it's soooo easy, your dog could use it*!

*Probably not but I don't know your dog!

Easy Stuff

This spot was really fun but also a challenge because it was produced remotely!

The director/editor thought it would be cool if we had a bunch of disco skaters on the shoot, and I think she had talented disco skaters she'd been wanting to use for a spot and it honestly sounded really cool, so I wrote up a retro cable access show concept juxtaposing difficult, complicated skate moves being filmed and edited on the easy-to-use Videoshop app. It had to go through a second edit because there was a disconnect with the script, but I learned a lot about working remotely! It was an amazing and talented crew and this is still my favorite spot!

Disco Ball


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