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I spent almost a year working in Nespresso USA's content studio—everything from writing social posts to creating in-store signage, to scripting instructional videos, to creating emails and writing UX copy and even pitching activations. If you can believe it, I went from being a die-hard tea drinker to an espresso person. You could say I really committed to the role.

Coco Beach Cooler

Something fun — I once had the opportunity to name the "drink of the month" — this is the coffee drink that's featured in all Nespresso Boutiques each month across the country, generally seasonal and skillfully crafted by the Boutique barista. The recipe is also emailed to subscribers and promoted on multiple social channels. 

The clients weren't thrilled with the name created in house, so they asked us to come up with a new one. Inspired by the striking pink layer and coconut flavors, the name is an homage to pink sand beaches and tropical vacations.

Here she is **sliving** on Insta:


Instructional Video

We created a series of videos coinciding with the release of innovative machines — because with all the new bells and whistles, customers would likely be confused about how it all works!

These videos were designed for use in the Boutiques, for associates to watch and learn how the machines work, and also to learn how to talk about the machines from a messaging standpoint. Each video follows a similar structure and brand theme, but we used machine-specific colors when applicable. 

I scripted each video, working with a designer to choose clips, either live directed the VO record or contributed, and in one case, led the casting.

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